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My Third Diary
Today’s diary is pretty much going to be almost all about my family I am missing.
 My home is in Goyang, which is in South Korea.
 It’s on the tenth floor of the apartment. I live with my mom, dad, and my sister.
 My parents are very kind and generous.
 Mom tries to spend the most of the time with me and my family.
My dad is very busy because of his work and comes home late on the week.
But I’m still OK with how we spend time together.
 I do hope the four of us can spend more time at home.
 My sister, Serapia, is two years older than me.
 She plays with me a lot.
 She also talks with me about school and helps me with my homework.
 But mom’s still the one who talks with me most and the only one who truly understands me.
 Anyway, I just miss all of them and just want to be home with them.


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