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2017년 8월 9일 수요일
Oh it Wednesday!
I like Wednesday.
Wednesday mean It’s almost Friday!
I get up at 5:30 I don’t know why I get up that early.
I want to sleep~ but the time is 6:00 so I ready for my school.
Oh my gosh!
It’s 6:30 I say “wake up” to my friend.
We are ready!
So we can eat breakfast.
So we went to the teachers room.
And we ate breakfast.
Yes! I’m ready to go to schoo I get on my bus.
We go for a long long time.
And we arrive in the school I get out of the bus.
I went to my classroom.
The classroom was clean and nice.
I it on my seat,
And we sing a song.
I like the song name ‘All and All’
It was a wonderful song.
And we go to our next class and we are going to have a test.
Test is hard to me. T.T
And we go to eat lunch the lunch is hamburger.
It was good.
And we rest for class.
We read a book and played game.
It was so much fun.
Oh my gosh!
We sing a song again.
So we sing, sing, sing.
And End of the class we do sing again.
It was so much fun! I like it.
And I did math class.
I do many math.
And we rest and ate some noodles.
And we ate some dinner~^ㅁ^
The dinner was great but I’m full.
So I ate a little dinner.
Oh no!
It was raining but I played with my friends.
Suddenly my teacher going a market we say we want to go!
So teacher say today is boys time, next time will be girls turn.
And the boys going to market with teacher. T.T
Oh my gosh! My clothes are all wet!
We go inside and take a rest.
I do many things today~


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