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8-14-17 Monday
My tenth diary
Dear diary
Yesterday, we went to see the bird island, then we went to a super market.
Jimin and I divided our money to buy a snack with 40 packs.
We still have about 35 packs left.
After, we went to the movies to watch ‘Nut Job 2’.
Today was the first day to spend with other kids at Mount Carmel School.
After we had came back to Mango Resort, we had free time through 3o’clock to 4o’clock.
When math started, it was about 4:10.
Then it ended at about 5:30.
And after math was over, even more free time.
At free time, Jimin and I had ramen.
Just the two of us(and 7th grader).
I wish we would watch movies more often.
At the theater.
And not just at the resort.


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