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작성자 댓글 0건 조회 237회 작성일 17-08-01 20:06


Hi! My name is Kyumin Park.
I’m from South Korea, and I’m here for English Camp in Sipan, USA.
I’ll be here for 4 weeks with 3 other roommates.
This is my second night, and the first day of ESL(Englsih as Second-Language).
I became friends with my roommates on the plane from Korea to Saipan.
I woke up at 6:30 today.
But I had slept at 10’o clock last night.
So, I actually didn’t sleep that much.
Anyway, I started the day with waking up my friends and brushing my teeth.
Then I was on the bus to MCS(see above) for ESL classes.
After I came back to the resort, I had lunch and then went swimming.
I swam and played with my friends, then I took a shower to go to math class.
Math was hard.
At least to me.
That’s what I felt.
That’s all for what we did today.
I’ll tell you what I did yestureday…
Yestureday was a typical day.
I only slept for about an hour.
But I had to wait until 8’o clock.
Then in the afternoon, the class went to ‘I Love Saipan’ and I bought suveniors.
Well, that’s mostly all I have to tell you.
I don’t have to write the diary on the weekends, but I might I’m pretty sure that I will.


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